I closed a Brokeback Mountain discussion tonight because an anonymous commenter with the pseudonym “Charles” was repeating the same comment, arguing for the sake of argument, and failing to honor basic Internet etiquette. Basically, to borrow his own words, he was being childish.

Charles then proceeded to post the same comment again on an unrelated discussion. So I have banned Charles. I happen to agree with some of Charles’ observations, but since the purpose of Charles’ visit was to disrupt discussions and air strawmen, I am inclined to delete his remarks and the resulting side discussions.

I invite others to criticize BBM or other movies from an informed perspective and in a conversational style. I am eager for this web site to engage a variety of individuals with strong and contrary opinions — people who have real names and e-mail addresses and who engage in civil conversation. However, when individuals conceal their identity, repeat the same comment over and over, and argue solely for the purpose of argument, they will be treated as trolls and promptly dealt with.

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