Stephen Benentt and Exodus have issued statements condemning Brokeback having never indicated if they have so much read the original literary work or seen the current film. Statements from both organizations were issued prior to today’s release date and I sorta doubt they held a special preview-screening for the religious right.

I shall be upfront, I too have not seen the movie yet so my commentary is based on the original short story, which I HAVE ACTUALLY READ and will quote from to back up my assertions unlike Bennett and Exodus. A paperback of E. Anne Proulx’s orginal story is sold at WAL*MART. However, in this post I’ve had to spoil surprises in the story-line so only click below to continue reading if you’re cool with that.

1) Simply getting married is not going to cure you of your homo-attractions. Even the most nutty ex-gays agree with that. Neither Ennis nor Jack indicate they had ever pursued any sort of change. Perhaps if they had gone to their local Exodus affiliate they could have rebuilt their marriages.

2)The majority of Ennis and Jack’s “false” homosexual encounters involved sporadic, probably unprotected, intoxicated, shame filled sex. Because according to ex-gays gay sex is false, dangerous and ultimately unfulfilling. Ex-gays too often view gay sex as dangerous and have been known to devote entire radio broadcasts to that effect.

They never talked about the sex, let it happen, at first only in the tent at night, then in the full daylight with the hot sun striking down, and at evening in the fire glow, quick, rough, laughing and snorting, no lack of noises, but saying not a goddamn word except once Ennis said, “I’m not no queer,” and Jack jumped in with “Me neither. A one-shot thing. Nobody’s business but ours…”

…The room stank of semen and smoke and sweat and whiskey, of old carpet and sour hay, saddle leather, shit and cheap soap. Ennis lay spread-eagled, spent and wet, breathing deep, still half tumescent, Jack blowing forceful cigarette clouds like whale spouts

3) Neither men desires to identify as “gay.” The term “non-gay homosexual” applies much more. Jack said if he wished to live the gay lifestyle he would move to Denver.

I goddamn hate it that you’re goin a drive away in the mornin and I’m goin back to work. But if you can’t fix it you got a stand it,” he said. “Shit. I been lookin at people on the street. This happen a other people? What the hell do they do?”

“It don’t happen in Wyomin and if it does I don’t know what they do, maybe go to Denver,” said Jack, sitting up, turning away from him.

4) Ennis stays faithful to Jack but Jack had been involved with other guys. Since as we all know homosexuals are not monogamous and the homosexual lifestyle only leads to heartbreak.

The old man spoke angrily. “I can’t get no help out here. Jack used a say, ‘Ennis del Mar,’ he used a say, ‘I’m goin a bring him up here one a these days and we’ll lick this damn ranch into shape.’ He had some half-baked idea the two a you was goin a move up here, build a log cabin and help me run this ranch and bring it up. Then, this spring he’s got another one’s goin a come up here with him and build a place and help run the ranch, some ranch neighbor a his from down in Texas. He’s goin a split up with his wife and come back here. So he says. But like most a Jack’s ideas it never come to pass.”

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