So there’s this porno movie called “The Hole” which is a parody of “The Ring.” Story goes there’s this videotape you watch, and upon finishing it the phone rings and this creepy voice declares “you’re gay” and sure enough all the attractive men with no body-hair turn gay. Enter Stephen Bennett, whom I’m guessing has not seen The Hole. Stephen’s tale too involves a mysterious film, a creepy phone call and men turning gay:

“I just spoke with a married man on the telephone who is contemplating leaving his wife and children,” says host Stephen Bennett. “He says he’s gay, and Brokeback Mountain has influenced his decision. We can sadly expect to see a lot more men like former governor Jim McGreevey of New Jersey not only resigning from their jobs but from their wives, children and families.”[*]

Of course one is gay long before entering a movie theater but this post is satire. Many peoples’ coming out processes have been influenced by literary and dramatic works.

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