Quite some time ago, I withdrew exgay personal web sites from the XGW indexes of worthwhile web sites (located in the column to your right) because:

1. Permanent links that lack any explanation might send unsuspecting visitors to sites that advocate unhealthy or self-destructive attitudes.
2. Some exgay blogs turned out to be anonymous fronts or gossipy echo chambers for defamatory and theocratic political organizations.
3. The listed blogs were not linking back to Ex-Gay Watch.
4. One-third of exgay blogs that I surveyed are rarely updated. XGW avoids linking to inactive web sites.
5. XGW does not provide permanent links to the main gay activist organizations and leading gay authors, so why give special treatment to the exgay and antigay ones?

My concerns remain. Nevertheless, I’d like to acknowledge exgay or “beyond gay” writers who think outside the box, who resist the pressure of their peers to parrot the political correctness of the religious right.

What sites would you recommend? Please offer your suggestions. (Feel free to recommend your own web site if you operate an exgay personal web site that thinks outside the box or rejects ulterior political agendas.)

If you can’t think of any sites to recommend, here are some nominations. Some of these sites are not exgay; some simply defy labeling. I have already decided against a few for the reasons stated above, but I am listing them anyway for purposes of discussion and comparison.

Scattered Words
Dr. Throckmorton
ExGay Talk (Podcasts)
David Morrison
Homo Sum
Odd Psalms
Robert Wesley
Out of the Closet
Willful Grace
Christian, Gay and Confused

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