“Straight talker” Stephen Bennett launched into a bizarre tirade against virtually the entire modern mental health profession in today’s program. (Real Audio / Windows Media)

(+4:00) Irene: According to these so called respected professionals in their field, homosexuality is just as natural and normal and heterosexuality, though just not as prevalent.

Stephen: Irene, let me jump in here, as far as I’m concerned I suggest these psychobabblers abandon their practices and get a job working literally in the fields, pardon the sarcasm.

[Irene laughs]

Stephen: Listen, according to them, simply put, we are the ones who need psychological counseling from the years of quote anti-gay unquote religious bigotry and intolerance that our families, pastors and churches have pounded into our heads from an outdated book, written, rewritten over and over again by man, a book known as the Bible. To them we are simply fanatical, brainwashed, ideologues.

Don’t change the channel, there’s more:

(+5:08) Stephen: And as far as these professional psychologists who say “gay is ok” obviously their schooling did nothing for them except suck them dry for their tuition money. Jesus referred to these types as “the blind leading the blind;” They and their clients both falling into the pit together.

Wow, clearly every major mental health organization in the country has led me astray. Good thing Stephen is here to set the record straight!

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