(Audio link) Straight talker Stephen Bennett’s program today was comically titled “Cartoons, Children and ‘Gender Confusion’ – Is There a Correlation?” That’s an excellent question Stephen asks; he’s just such a straight talker! I’m being sarcastic of course, Bennett doesn’t address that supposed correlation. Instead the show is a string of anecdotal gripes about children’s programming that doesn’t conform to God’s dress code which he clearly outlines for us in the Bible. Stephen says:

(+7:50) His word is very clear on the distinctiveness of men and women, his standards alone set the boundaries for males and females.

Too bad God never got around to outlining what exactly that dress code is. Maybe Bennett knows something we don’t.

At the end of the program when you expect Bennett to at least attempt to draw a correlation between dangerous kids shows and “gender confusion.” He blathers on about poor fathers, single mothers and molestation which will sound familiar to anyone who’s heard Bennett list off the “causes” of homosexuality. Bennett never even attempts to establish a correlation of comical cartoon drag causing “gender confusion.”

(Wow four episodes in and he’s already getting sloppy)

Like I said, Bennett was griping about how kids shows these days is getting so subversive. Here his wife Irene recalls a run-in with the newest threat from Canada, The Doodlebops, a live-action clown show where two male, presumably Canadian, clowns appear in tutus in one episode:

(+6:20)My four year old son looks at me and says, “Ma, I’m not watching this show anymore, this show is sin.”

And I laughed and I just said, “Yes honey you’re right.”

And then he said, “Mom, why do they do that?”

And I explained to him I said, “Well maybe they don’t know what God’s word says on that, maybe they know and they don’t care and maybe they’re just doing it to be funny, we don’t know why but what we do know for sure is that we know God says that is a sin and we’re not going to do it.”

And he said, “Yes mommy.”

[Stephen:] Irene, I think we know why these two guy clowns and gal clown were wearing tutus, i think we know what they were trying to do there

I think we know too.

Wow Bennett knows even more secret information he’s not revealing than just God’s dress code. So clowns in tutus isn’t just slapstick humor? It’s some sinister plot to confuse your child about their gender? I encourage XGW readers to listen to the broadcast since the Bennetts sure never provide explain how these tutu-wearing Canadian clowns have a sinister motive.

I also encourage XGW readers to listen to the broadcast to hear of Bennett’s encounter with Sesame Street Live’s flagrant promotion of feather boas. I won’t say any more, I don’t want to give anything away.

Gender confusion causing Canadian clowns, The Doodlebops. From left to right: Rooney, Deedee, Moe. In the broadcast Bennett recalls how his mother dressed him in a fur vest. Somehow I can’t help but picture him wearing a vest not unlike Moe’s.

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