Is Exodus handing out special glasses or something cos some select ex-gays have sure been reading minds recently. If anyone attends an exgay conference and is issued a pair of said magic mind reading glasses please mail them to me. Satire aside, here’s an ex-lesbian reading the mind of Sheryl Swoopes for our friends at the AgapePress:

[Yvette] Schneider does not see in Swoopes’ recent divulgence any affirmation of the prevalence of lesbianism in society, necessarily. Rather, she says she views it as “more a comment on our sex-saturated society — that if you care for someone and have a strong emotional connection with them, then it must be sexualized in some way rather than just merely having strong feelings for a close friend.”

In fact, the sports ministry consultant contends, Swoopes’ lesbian relationship has nothing to do with what is commonly known as a “lesbian core identity,” where an individual acknowledges having experienced same-sex attractions since childhood. For the WNBA star, as she herself acknowledges, homosexuality was not an inborn trait but was a conscious choice.

And the athlete’s revelation of that choice came as no surprise to Schneider. She was, however, taken aback by the double standard with which Swoopes’ announcement has largely been met.

“What surprised me,” Schneider says, “was that there was no real mention of the fact that her relationship began with an assistant coach, Alisa Scott, on the Houston Comets; whereas, if a woman started having a relationship with a man who was coaching her, we’d hear about that being sexual abuse, molestation, or some sort of [suggestion that] she was coerced into a sexual relationship.” (*)

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