Jim Johnson of Straight, Not Narrow thoughtfully analyzed exgay Tim Wilkins and his organization, Cross Ministry, on Oct. 13.

Johnson applauds Wilkins for his openness to healing and for emerging from the heartbreak of youth. But he faults Wilkins for insisting on delivering all homosexual persons from their “lifestyle.”

Looking beyond Wilkins’ good intentions, Johnson suspects that Wilkins once identified as homosexual due to psychological trauma, while for many or most same-sex-attracted persons, same-sex attraction is a natural instinct. Johnson also questions Wilkins’ bizarre and illogical association between same-sex attraction and violent crimes such as child molestation, domestic abuse, and rape.

Straight, Not Narrow hopes God will bless Cross Ministry, but he also prays that naturally same-sex-attracted persons are delivered from exgay ministries without lasting damage.

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