On Monday Exodus sent out an emails proudly announcing the current Time Magazine cover story on gay teens which in my opinion gives a respectable amount of time to advocates on both sides of the issue. Stephen Bennett however is all worked up in a tizzy and today’s Agapepress headlining article is filled with his inane bitching. I refuse to believe someone as whiney, prissy and emotional as Bennett’s conduct in this article can possibly be straight.

The evangelist notes, “One of the lines in there that really struck me as just an outright lie — and there are many in there — says, ‘The appearance of so many gay adolescents has predictably worried social conservatives, but it also has surprised gay activists, who for years did little to help the few teenagers who were coming out.’ That’s a complete lie. The Human Rights Campaign for years has had a major campaign helping teens to come out.”

We’re debating ONE program here which I have never even heard of. Apparently the Agapepress hasn’t either since today’s article is the only mention of it they’ve ever made. I’m sure glad the Agapepress is keeping me informed about such a HUGE program by never writing a single article about it.

[Time’s] article reports that, from young ages, “straight kids are growing up with more openly bisexual, gay, and sexually uncertain classmates.” However, Bennett asserts, “This article is filled with tons of misinformation, mocking of Bible-believing Christians, of people who have come out of homosexuality such as myself and who are happily married now.”

Time Magazine’s author makes the common knowledge statement straight kids are growing up with more openly gay peers. Bennett immediately counters by accusing the article of broad misinformation and mockery of exgays. I’m left scratching my head. Do they proof read these things for making sense?

As head of Stephen Bennett Ministries (SBM), the Christian spokesman works to combat the kind of misleading, pro-homosexual propaganda he sees in the Time article. SBM believes no one is born homosexual; that unnatural homosexual attractions tragically develop early on in the childhood; and that homosexuality can be overcome by dealing biblically with the root causes of same-sex attraction.

ALL OF THIS drivel was presented in the Time article because it included interviews with ex-gays who presented the ex-gay perspective. Why is he still whining about this? I’m sorry I can’t take any more; I need to go bang my head against a wall. Stephen Bennett just needs to deal with the fact Time chose to interview ex-gays who are rational and coherent.

Stephen, this little tantrum of yours is VERY sterotypically gay.

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