Once in a while, Exodus official Randy Thomas says something sensible. On Sept. 12, Thomas had the opportunity to do that — but then spoiled the occasion.

On Sept. 12, Thomas called it “astounding” that “organizers” would still hold Southern Decadence while New Orleans lay in ruins due to government ineptitude, global warming, and/or homosexuality (take your pick). Thomas commented:

All that money, time and energy to save a party instead of saving lives.
Even if you are gay identified or pro gay exclusive (exclusive to any other views) I would hope you would agree that this is utterly selfish in the light of what is happening in this very region.

Thomas’s sources for this information were two articles from the same antigay propaganda service, Lifesite.

Now, holding an organized parade during a catastrophe certainly would be selfish and cruel.

But had Thomas bothered to check legitimate sources of information, he might have discovered that there was no official Southern Decadence event, there were no official organizers, there was no money, time or energy spent. Just 20 low-paid service workers — ill-informed and half-starved survivors of the disaster– declared themselves to be celebrating Southern Decadence without authorization. The official event had been canceled; gay would-be attendees volunteered for the Red Cross instead.

Like Exodus ally Repent America and media ally Lifesite, Thomas saw an opportunity in New Orleans to ignore facts, reinforce stereotypes, and insult a handful of individuals seeking to reclaim a sense of normalcy at an inappropriate moment.

To date, I find no indication — on his blog or at Exodus’ web sites — that Thomas has sensibly and publicly countered allies who blame the destruction of New Orleans on homosexuality.

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