NARTH has announced a speakers list for this year’s conference November 11-13 here in LA. The majority of listings are names I don’t recognize and have clinical sounding titles such as “Perceptions and Experiences of Sexual Conversion Therapy Clients: A Qualitative Study.” However the following listings are of possible concern:

Jeffrey Satinover, M.D. – “Judicial Abuse of Scientific Literature on Homosexuality by the American Mental Health Professional Organizations”

Arthur Goldberg, J.D. – “Carrying the Homosexual Agenda into the Public School Systems”

Nancy Heche, Ph.D. – “It’s All About Me”

Konstantin Mascher – “Is Sex a Private Matter Only? Sex, Sublimation, and Its Effect on Society- An Introduction to the Work of J.D. Unwin”

Julie Harren, Ph.D. and Alan Chambers – Roundtable Discussion: “Factors that Help in the Change Process”

Frankly the participation of Chambers and Heche does not help the illusion of respectability NARTH has over more *cough fringe* groups like ohh… lets say PFOX for example. NARTH has not yet announced the location of the conference since in years past activists pressured a host hotel to drop the conference. I live in the Los Angeles area and so submitted a request for a media pass but was declined:

The NARTH Conference is not a public meeting and is not open to the press or the general public. If you would like an interview with a NARTH officer or member of the scientific committee we would need written questions in advance and know to whom you would like those submitted.
D. Pruden
NARTH Board 

Hmm… the registration form posted on the NARTH website doesn’t list any restrictions on attendance by the general public. I’m curious to see if the anti-gay media will be given access.

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