Published today in The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tenn. (free subscription required):

A federal judge denied a motion Friday that would have permitted Love In Action to treat mentally ill patients who are taking prescription medication.

The order does not seem to affect LIA’s ability to counsel emotionally stable patients.

Unfortunately, the newspaper article does not ask LIA officials why, exactly, they demand the right not only to house and counsel the mentally ill with poorly educated and uncertified staff, but also to confine unstable patients on LIA property, out of reach of professional help.

The newspaper does report:

Despite Friday’s ruling, group leaders remain optimistic.

“We’re still very encouraged and we believe the court will eventually rule in our favor,” said Nathan Kellum, counsel for LIA. “There are no disputed facts, it’s just a question of the state misapplying the statute of licensure.”

Kellum refers to LIA’s clients repeatedly as “patients” and boasts that LIA patients have the freedom to self-medicate.

The newspaper reports that the state attorney general will file for dismissal of LIA’s lawsuit on Oct. 24.

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