The last three days of Focus On The Family broadcasts have been an panel of apologetics experts (apologeticists?) lamenting how few Evangelicals share their particular correct “biblical worldview.” Since my Friday afternoon was filled with mindless AUTOCAD work I had plenty of time to listen to all three broadcasts for yet more gems from Focus.

So what’s the newest scourge for which we can blame absent/distant fathers?

No, not homosexuality. Oh please, that’s so passé.

Atheism. That’s right, Wednesday’s Focus broadcast (10/19/05) blames distant fathers for causing some of history’s greatest athiests.

Panelist Lee Strobel:

There’s other kinds of barriers that people have, umm… psychological barriers and they may not even be aware of that. Umm… Paul Vitts who’s a psychologist at New York university has done a book in which he studies the famous atheists thru history and he found that every single one of them either had a father who abandoned them when they were young or died when they were young or they had a terrible relationship with their father. So you back to Camus and Sartre and Marx and Freud and you go right down the line you’re up to Madeline Murray O’Hare and you see this pattern and the inability to trust and seek after a heavenly father if your early father has, you’re holding him responsible for abandoning you or you have a terrible relationship. Sometimes it’s something as subtle as that that deters people from seeking the truth about Jesus. (+11:58, audio link)

P.S. Fun new infographic Monday!

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