The not-exgay-but-something-like-it Exodus official Randy Thomas says he is traveling to D.C. again today.

Surely he is not touring Capitol Hill to lobby in favor of discriminatory laws against same-sex-attracted persons — that, after all, would not be the job of a “membership director.” But a look at Thomas’ job description leaves substantial room for doubt:

From Thomas’ speakers bureau profile:

Randy is responsible for managing over 125 professional mental health and church-based member agencies across North America that make up the Exodus network and offer local support to individuals who want to leave homosexuality.

Sounds reasonable for a membership director. But Thomas’ responsibilities are not consistent with his activities, described in the same profile:

Randy travels extensively speaking and has shared his story with members of Congress, conservative leaders and in churches and colleges across the country. He has been interviewed by numerous television, radio and print outlets across North America and Europe. He has appeared in a full-page ad presented in The Los Angeles Times; his story was the subject of an award-winning article in The Dallas Morning News and featured in the book, The Good Life, written by bestselling author and former Watergate figure, Chuck Colson.

Randy is actively involved in promoting policies that preserve and protect traditional marriage and the family. He testified before the Massachusetts state judiciary committee on the same-sex marriage issue and has lobbied members of Congress in favor of pro-marriage initiatives.

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