Those of you over age 35 may remember a 1970s youth program called “Scared Straight.”

The idea of the program was that, by sending delinquent youths on a prison tour to meet violent, foul-mouthed prisoners in hellish surroundings, the teen-agers would be “scared straight” and become model students. Videos of these raw encounters were periodically shown on TV and in high schools, in the hope that other youths would be scared straight, too.

Blogger Bearnaked Joe offers a convincing update to Scared Straight — a parody ad against “lesbianism” that slices through all the religious right’s prettified prejudices and cuts straight to the jugular — literally.

After all, who could possibly be a better advocate for exgays than ice-pick-wielding bisexual killer Catherine Trammell?

See for yourself.

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