Today is National Coming Out Day. Ex-gay activist Warren Throckmorton accurately identifies the purpose of Coming Out day in a Focus on the Family article:

Warren Throckmorton, a professor of psychology at Grove City College, says this kind of “celebration” is a very well-calculated media move.

“The more that people know about homosexuality, or know somebody who has come out, they’re less inclined to oppose gay rights. Their mission with National Coming Out Day is to extend that to the widest possible audience.”

Dr. Throckmorton, of course, sees that as a bad thing.

Joe Nicolosi, in a moment of sheer lunacy, identifies another contributing factor to sexual orientation:

Dr. Joe Nicolosi, who works with people questioning their same-sex attractions, says these events may confuse adolescents and actually cause them to identify with the gay lifestyle.

“They’re going to self-label themselves as gay and that’s going to solidify, perhaps too prematurely, a gay identity. The celebration of the gay identity is just so unfair to many young people who are just uncertain about their sexual orientation.”

So if you weren’t molested, didn’t have a distant father, and played football, maybe you “are struggling with Same Sex Attractions” because you didn’t stay hidden under the bed on October 11.

Of course, this whole line of thought is consistent with the current anti-gay agenda of identity politics. If you say you are ex-gay (or “former homosexual”) you too can have a lucrative career as a political activist.

(However, if you say you are Cleopatra you only get a small room with padded walls).

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