From ex-ex-gay blogger Christine:

One of the things that bothers me about many ex-gay testimonies is that they often talk about how horrible the “gay lifestyle” is, and how shallow and drug-, alcohol-, and sex-filled it is. I guess they never consider the fact that there are queer folks who don’t live like that.

I was amused recently by the realization that most ex-gays’ characterizations of the “gay lifestyle” fairly accurately describe my former “straight lifestyle.” In the years prior to my coming out, I had a drinking problem, slept with people I didn’t know, and used drugs when I partied with friends.

Oddly enough, since coming out in 1994, I’ve been celibate and alcohol-free and drug-free. Guess I won’t be recruiting anyone into this fantastic party-like gay lifestyle with my story, will I?

Christine adds:

I know I’m not alone in waiting for the right [person]. I’m also not alone in deciding to get my act together and quit drinking and start living in a healthy way. Straight and gay folks alike do this all the time.

(Hat tip: Peterson Toscano.)

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