Self-appointed youth “minister” G. Craige Lewis has found the cause of homosexuality: Hip-hop music.

Lewis operates a profitable livelihood under the alias EX Ministries. His web site claims that Lewis is one of God’s authorized spokesmen, and Lewis accuses those who disagree with him of being inspired by the devil.

The devil is trying to convince you to change your moral values and push your boundaries back by causing you to see the “popular” ministers, singers, etc. do it. When you see them doing it, it makes it look like EVERYONE is doing it because TV and radio has such a powerful voice. But God has assured me that it’s all deception.

Lewis suffers from a mix of envy and self-martyrdom: “Singers and movie stars that are homosexual” achieve celebrity because of Satan, Lewis says. Meanwhile, Lewis wallows in the obscurity that comes from being one of the very few people on the planet who is right about everything.

UPI notes that other ministers object to Lewis’ egotism and bigotry.

Haman Cross, senior pastor at Rosedale Park Baptist Church in Detroit, thinks Lewis’ message is far off.
He acknowledges that some hip-hop gives a negative message, but says there is no biblical proof that it is the work of the devil.
Cross challenged Lewis to a debate on the topic but Lewis refused.

Hat tip: UPI via Daily Dose of Queer)

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