The Tennessean reports on a woman whose reparative therapy counselor became a “friend” and then a domestic partner to a woman attempting to change her orientation.

“Shortly after I went to them, Phyllis Garrison became my friend and said she couldn’t be my friend and therapist both,” Grubb said. “We became friends, and I moved in with her. You never imagine you will be friends with your therapist. I went to her for professional help.” TrueHope is one of two places listed on Exodus International’s Web site as offering counseling to homosexuals in Middle Tennessee.

Despite the assertion of the Tennessean and AP articles, it doesn’t appear that TrueHope is in fact listed under Tennessee on Exodus’ site (it may have been taken down to avoid the scandal). I can’t seem to find TrueHope’s web site, so they may be under the radar as well. The web site for The Sight Ministry, whose director was quoted in the article, also doesn’t provide much information about the ministry or its affiliates. Phyllis is a licensed social worker, and TrueHope is a faith-based ministry rather than a legitimate psychiatric institution.

MSNBC has an AP story, sans the exgay angle.

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