The ex-gay movement exists, to a great extent, because of its usage of a language that allows them to say one thing and mean another. Sometimes this contorted way of thinking produces comical results. One such example is shown in the Love Won Out press release. In discussing mom-from-hell Nancy Heche’s presentation:

…she lost her husband to AIDS after discovering he had secretly lived a homosexual lifestyle during their marriage.

Yep. You read it right. The “homosexual lifestyle” is being married and pretending to be straight. Oh… but that’s what the ex-gays do. Darn, this is confusing.

On a more serious note, later the press release revealed the true agenda of this organization when reporting on Joe Dallas’ speech:

Also, the author asserts, the church needs to “repent of being intimidated by the gay rights movement and recommit itself to its prophetic role.” He says if Christians, who are “the conscience of the state,” allow themselves to be intimidated into silence, then “the state has no choice but to become a sociopathic state.”

And if the church allows that sociopathic, homosexuality-affirming culture’s increasing self-destructiveness to proceed unchallenged to its logical, morbid conclusions, Dallas contends, “God will require the blood of the state at the hands of his visible representation, who allowed itself to be intimidated into silence.”

Exodus, FOTF, etc. have for a while been pretending that they were simply offering an option to people who “wish to leave the homosexual lifestyle.” They’ve been saying that they aren’t trying to change those who are happy being gay.

Dallas, however is clearly stating that if the church does not fight to deny gay people any affirmation in society (read rights of any kind) then God will destroy the government.

This is not the benign offering of an option that they have been claiming.

Lies certainly come easy to these people

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