PFOX President Richard Cohen appears to have suffered a meltdown following a televised debate with Wayne Besen. Wayne is author of Anything But Straight which devotes an entire chapter to Cohen’s bizarre antics. Following the debate Cohen sent out “prayer request” via email which is excerpted here:

MY SOS CALL RIGHT NOW IS THIS: WOULD YOU PLEASE PRAY FOR MY FAMILY AND MYSELF. I FEEL OVERWHELMED BY THE PRESENCE OF EVIL WITHIN AND AROUND ME. It’s hard to ask you for this, I feel a bit selfish, but it’s imperative, and this is war!…

…Right now, it feels like I can’t breath. THEREFORE, WOULD YOU PLEASE PRAY FOR PROTECTION. There is great spiritual warfare happening, and I really need your loving prayers to surround myself and my family. I’m not saying this to be selfish. I’m asking this so I might continue to battle, stand up and crack this puppy wide open.

Coming back home on the train, I cried as I prayed and I promised God that I will not rest until I figure out how to deck this immoral, paper tiger. That is my commitment.

To view Cohen’s entire email please see Besen’s post.

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