Yesterday was the second of the conservative Christian’s telecasts called Justice Sunday. Ironically, although there was much denunciation of the Supreme Court’s recognition of some basic rights for gay people, there was almost no mention of John Roberts. The original purpose of this telecast was to push for support of Bush’s nominee.

If you take a quick glace at the picture of Tom DeLay speaking at telecast you’ll notice some interesting symbology.

A large representation of the Ten Commandments is prominantly displayed behind the speaker. Up, behind, and in the shadows is a cross. This visually reads as a victory of the Law (first covenant) as represented by the commandments over Grace (second covenant) as represented by the cross.

This correlates with something I’ve begun to notice in the political statements of the branch of Christian that demonizes “homosexual activists” and demands ex-gay conversions. Much is made of Levitical Law but I don’t think I’ve heard any Christians that actually quote Christ.

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