NARTH sent out an email looking to form a rapid response team to counter “misinformation in the media or other cultural institutions about reorientation therapy.” Exgay groups have been getting a lot more attention in the media with the buzz surrounding the Zach story, and the exgay story could be in the limelight for a while.

Exgay groups already have a lead on ex-exgays, operating through high-level organizations like Exodus and cooperating with groups like NARTH and Focus on the Family.

If ex-exgays wanted to form a similar group (cooperating with groups like PFLAG and the APA), it would vastly strengthen the ability for ex-exgays to make their stories known and to get out a message of their own. In the current media blitz, such an organization would be a great help to those who believe conversion therapy doesn’t work.

Since there exists no such high-level organization at the moment, our list is probably a good place to start.

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