There has been some posting on this site and around the web about whether or not certain ex-ex-gays were ever involved with the founding of various organizations such as Love in Action or Exodus.

In his 1995 testimony, Frank Worthen takes credit for almost single handedly founding Love In Action, Exodus, and even seems to claim co-authorship of Phillpot’s book The Third Sex.

At Michael’s suggestion, I made a testimony tape to reach out to people who were trapped in the homosexual life-style. I decided to advertise the tape in the worst sex paper in town. The ad read: “Do you want out of homosexuality? Send for a Brother Frank tape on a Christ-centered way out of homosexuality.” During the first year of its run, my ad brought in 60 people who wanted out of homosexuality! Men in my own church sought me out for counseling on leaving homosexuality. After a while, I started meeting with these men on Saturdays.

Eventually, the Lord put me in contact with a pastor who needed help in counseling homosexuals. Since he was a writer, he and I produced a book called “The Third Sex?” (the first Christian book on homosexuality). Going all over the English-speaking world, that book generated an average of 200 letters a month.

Though I’d had no intention of leaving my business, the Lord impressed me with the need to enter ministry full-time. Thus, Love In Action began with weekly support group meetings.

After a little time had passed, I received a distraught phone call from Barbara Johnson, a woman in Los Angeles. Barbara’s son had entered the homosexual life-style, but the ex-gay ministry there didn’t offer ministry to parents. This was the first time I’d ever heard of any ex-gay ministry besides Love In Action! Intrigued, I hopped a plane the next morning and went down to see them.

When I met with the ministry down there, we wondered if any other ex-gay ministries existed. We didn’t really know how to find out, but we managed to locate a number of ex-gay ministries around the world. So, in the middle of 1976, we had our first conference. Sixty people, representing twelve ministries, attended. Exodus was born!

While I was unable to find a reference to any founders at the website of Exodus International, the site for Love In Action / Refuge only lists Worthen as the founder.

I know that Warren Throckmorton is trying to determine the accuracy of the claims that founders of various ex-gay groups reverted to being gay. As this is most likely to result in an article claiming that the ex-ex-gay community is dishonest, anyone with information that counters the claims by Worthen should be certain that Warren is aware of that information before he writes his article.

(Warren, if it turns out that Worthen, LIA/R, or other ex-gays are not telling the truth, I hope you will be willing to report that as well.)

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