Tell CNN to Cover The Facts About “Reparative Therapy”!
Joe Kort, MSW

This is from the PFLAG 7/28 e-newsletter. Please consider sending an email to the CNN folks listed at the bottom.

Last night CNN’s show Paula Zahn Now aired a story on “reparative therapy” organization Love in Action.

CNN completely ignored vital information on this issue. Here are some examples:

The story did NOT include statements by the American Medical Association and American Psychiatric Association denouncing “reparative therapy.”

The story did NOT talk about the virtually non- existent success rate of “ex-gay” programs.

The story did NOT discuss the serious emotional damage that “reparative therapy” can cause or the self-destructive behavior, including suicide, that “reparative therapy” can induce.

What did Paula Zahn’s story include? An interview of Love in Action director Reverend John Smid s trolling through a yard, extolling the virtues of his “ex- gay” program.

The story also included interviews with two young “Love in Action” graduates, one gay and one straight – making it appear to the viewer that the chances of success in reparative therapy are 50/50.

We at PFLAG know the chances of long-term emotional damage are very real for young men and women forced into “reparative therapy.”

We must tell the media to accurately and comprehensively report these facts!

Please send an email to the CNN employees listed below.

Tell them you expect them to report the facts and tell the truth about all issues, especially an issue like “reparative therapy” that endangers families across the country.

Please send your email to the following CNN employees and please send a copy of your email to

If you’d like to see the story, go to and look for the video called Going Straight.

Warmly, Joe Kort

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