A reader pointed out today that Ex-Gay Watch has no articles on the Church of Scientology’s efforts in the ex-gay marketplace. (We have had comments about Scientology among commenters, but no articles.)

The reader offered one article and two discussions as a starting point for an Ex-Gay Watch post:

Exposing the Con (Anti-Scientology)
Michael Pattinson’s Experiences with Scientology
Discussion: Scientology and Homosexuality
Another Discussion (Scroll about halfway down.)

I Googled exgay Scientology and found a few, very strange links.

It turns out that Pattison in 1998 sued John Travolta, numerous Scientologists, and numerous top Clinton Administration officials. The gist of the allegation seems to be that a vast conspiracy exists among Hollywood and Washington celebrities. In particular, Pattison alleged that he was misled — by Travolta’s success over unspecified “ruin” — to waste years within Scientology’s exgay cure program of pricey “audits” which would advance the homosexual through sexual rehabilitation while also advancing the individual up the church’s hierarchy.

Sorry, dear readers, but lawsuits like that make me feel sorry for exgay ministries.

If anyone can make sense out of Scientology’s use or abuse of exgay philosophy, I welcome them to do so here.

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