“Presbytarians Issue Draft Report On Gay Debate” from the Louisville Courier-Journal:

The drafts released so far are heavy on advice on how Presbyterians could learn to live with each other despite deep differences over theology and sexuality — as the ideologically diverse members of the task force itself have been doing.

The task force did reach consensus on some areas surrounding homosexuality, according to the draft report:

“It is a grave error to deny baptism or church membership to gay and lesbian persons or to withhold pastoral care to them and their families.”

Wow, dare I congratulate the Presbyterians for pursuing such a level-headed and moderate path? I didn’t know that was allowed in the current sociopolitical climate. Nonetheless I have no doubt Family News In Focus and the AgapePress will attempt to frame coverage of the final report to portray the Presbyterian Church has having been thrown into shambles.

Why do I expect this?

Whereas groups such as The Institute On Religion and Democracy seek to silence[*] debate, Focus[*] and the Agapepress[*] pursue a different strategy of celebrating and sensationalizing chaos created within churches confronting this issue.

Once Bob Ditmer’s FNIF fulfills my prophecy, expect bragging on here.

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