All of these quotes are from Alan Chambers: [hint, watch the bold text]

While the news is being touted in the homosexual community as another sign that homosexuality is genetic, the focus instead should be on the thousands of former homosexuals who have experienced freedom through Christ, the head of Exodus International said.(*) (2003)

I am one of tens of thousands of people whom have successfully changed their sexual orientation.(*) (2004)

Homosexuals need to know they are welcome at their local church, but they also need to know that hundreds of thousands of us have found freedom from the isolation and emptiness we experienced in gay life through the power of Jesus Christ(*) (2005)

I pulled out my hand ExGayWatch pocket-calculator and did some work. Sustaining this amazing trend increasing by a power of 10 each year, the entire world population of 10 billion people will all be ex-gay in 2010. I bow down to fellow Long Beach resident Scott for sending me these gems.

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