Deborah Feyerick covered the LIA / conversion therapy story last night on CNN. She glossed over many of the rules that have bloggers upset, generalizing them as “no flashy clothes” and “no touching.”

She prominently featured LIA resident Ben Marshall. Marshall described how he was drug there kicking and screaming, and Feyerick notes that he not only survived the program, but decided to stay eight months. Later in the segment, he says that he is better in control of his lust, and that he hopes to marry a woman. She mentions Zach in passing (and not by name), and relates Zach’s initial upset to Marshall’s.

She also featured Brandon Tidwell, who went through three months of the LIA program before reconciling his Christianity with his homosexuality. Tidwell does not denounce the program, get more than one minute of the six minute segment, or mention any of the rules of the program or its success rate.

She introduced Dr. Jack Drescher, an APA psychologist, with the line “But others say…” and edited his part down to less than 30 seconds. The condemnation of reparative therapy by the APA, AMA, or other medical organizations was not mentioned, nor were any of the studies associated with those resolutions.


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