The August issue of GQ still is not at my local newsstand, so I turn over the mike to southern gospel music blogger for analysis of the magazine’s story about Kirk Talley:

Some of AVFL’s key points:

  • Talley seems uncertain whether he is a victim of a backward religious culture or whether he is a spiritual masochist. Talley chooses neither to affirm same-gender relationships, nor to condemn “homosexuality.”
  • The article title is misguided and false. Within the context Talley has chosen, there is no spiritual closet, nor has he come out of anything.
  • Talley confuses temptation with the full scope of sexuality.
  • Talley may prefer the known — the meanness and rejection he faces from evangelical and southern culture, which are familiar and predictable — over the unknown of starting over at age 47.

If you appreciate southern gospel music — or insightful analysis of the culture — go read AVFL.

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