Updated July 10, 2005:

I discarded many antispam restrictions on July 8, and I hope that commenting is becoming easier.

The tradeoff is that I will probably discontinue “trackbacks” — the feature that you may see on some XGW pages, where other bloggers (and spammers) can automatically publish links to their own sites.

While my software successfully prevents spammers’ trackbacks from being published, I am still receiving 900 trackback spams per day — and I am being docked for the bandwidth consumed by those incoming spams. The bandwidth theft does not yet exceed my monthly allowance, but things are trending in that direction. There is a technical means to block bandwidth theft, but that block (along with an overly aggressive limit on commenters’ hyperlinks) was preventing legitimate comments earlier in the week.

In short: If you write a blog and you wish to post a trackback on Ex-Gay Watch to a related page on your own site, please post a comment instead. Better yet — join in the discussion.

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