Shhhush… don’t tell anyone but the religious right’s charade slips up again regarding their motives for supporting the ex-gay cause. (Hint: It has to do with providing them an excuse to justify discrimination against the millions of gay Americans content with their sexuality)

Alert reader Timothy sent me “What’s Their Real Problem With Gay Marriage? (It’s the Gay Part)”, by Russell Shorto, an article appearing in the New York Times Magazine dated June 19, 2005. Found about 70% into the article ex-gay theology is very clearly offered as the alternative to gay marriage:

Shannon Royce, the executive director of the Marriage Amendment Project, advised me explicitly: “The ex-gay movement is a very important part of the story.” [Brian] Racer [a pastor quoted elsewhere in the story] spelled it out clearly as well. “I’ve had quite a few opportunities to counsel people who were in a homosexual lifestyle,” he said. “They have generally found themselves in a desperate place. They know that Christ promises an abundant life, but that promise was made with some restrictions. These people have tried to find fulfillment in ways that are against God’s principles. So you don’t want to further the error by allowing gay marriage. Most of these folks have had an abusive situation that goes back to childhood. You want to heal that. You want to hold back the tide and not let such a high impact issue harm the whole society.”

Care to share some thoughts with pastor Brian Racer? Drop him a line here.

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