Alert reader Timothy brought my attention to a very ugly article published at the Agapepress today regarding events last December. (As if the fundamentalist media recycling favorite anecdotes as news is uncommon…) The article is about local parent David Williams who fought the establishment of a GSA at Eisenhower High School in Lawton, Oklahoma by distributing ex-gay literature.

Williams, however, used [the equal access] policy to his advantage. He argued that, if homosexual students were free to establish a club that normalizes their lifestyle, then students who believe that homosexuals can change their sexual orientation must also be allowed to start a club.

“I approached it from an equal access [perspective],” Williams said. “If they were going to promote one view of the gay agenda and not include the ex-gay agenda — which means that people can change their perspective — then that would be unfair.”

The strategy succeeded. After the equal access push, the student government itself voted not to have a GSA. “To make a long story short, after hundreds of e-mails, phone calls, prayers, [and] actually getting some ex-gay literature through churches into the hands of students at the school … it was voted down by the students,” he said. “We have to praise the Lord for that.”

AgapePress writer Ed Vitagliano fails to address the apparent hypocrisy of Williams’ claim to have embraced equal access, for this is the same right Williams seeks to deny gay children.

Anyone seeking clarification on his reasoning may contact local parent David Williams here.

Interestingly, I found a press release at PFOX from January encouraging ex-gay students to celebrate equal-access by forming their own clubs. PFOX is generally more rhetorically inconsistent than FOTF and the AFA combined but in this case has chosen to go with a moderate stance advocating schools present both sides of sexuality issue. PFOX took this same stance of “giving students both sides” when it showcased Warren Throckmorton’s sex-ed curricula at it’s education conference last weekend.

However on PFOX doesn’t hesitate to pull a logical-back-flip and essentially stated any promotion of homosexuality in schools is unacceptable and cannot be presented as a two sided issue as they have advocated on other occasions.(*)

Let’s review the myriad positions held by the religious right in the course of this post:

1) Ex-gay should be able to have a club so let’s deny that same right to gay students.

2) Ex-gays AND gays should both be able to have clubs because both sides of the issue need to be presented and allow students to choose how they handle their sexuality.

3) Absolutely nothing positive about homosexuality should be presented in the public schools.

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