In his May 2 column, author/activist Wayne Besen uncovers seemingly well-established, far-right political affiliations of exgay pundit Warren Throckmorton.

Besen’s column chronologically details the course of the Magellan Health Services controversy, in which an MHS advisory board dropped Throckmorton’s contract, then reversed its decision and reappointed Throckmorton:

1. Throckmorton is dropped from the board. He claims he was dropped because he supports freedom of choice for exgays seeking therapy. But he declines to substantiate his claim, and Magellan’s own explanation is vague.

2. Throckmorton contacts his friends Bob Knight of Concerned Women for America, Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute, and Stephen Bennett of the American Family Association. Besen is accidentally cc’d on the correspondence, which depicts well-established ties among the trio.

3. A political uproar among religious-right media follows, and Magellan reappoints Throckmorton.

Says Besen:

By reinstating Throckmorton, Magellan signaled that the company would abandon sound science if badgered by right wing bullies. Magellan was correct the first time when their punitive actions declared Throckmorton uniquely unqualified and ill suited to offer unbiased advice to the Council.

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