I apologize for the high number of off-topic posts this last 48 hours but I felt we could use a new thread on which to discuss this nonsense about “one-sex marriage.” With a simple Google I found Concerned Women For America have made use of this new term(*).

Here I’ll get it started; The term “same-sex” might be uncomfortable for anti-family organizations because of it’s flagrant use of the word “same” in proximity to gay people. We all know anti-family organizations like to pretend gay peoples’ marriages are vastly different (aka not the “same”) than real marriages. As for “one-sex,” my gut reaction earlier today when I first read it is an attempt to cast a tone of selfishness and exclusion. Imagine marriage is a cookie and only one group gets it and the other group gets zero cookies. Dobson’s on record for saying gay people wish to “destroy marriage” which I’m equating here with selfishness and somehow taking it away from straight people which is of course hyperbole.

Now discuss. Whoever wins the argument gets a big cookie which they don’t have to share.

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