Filmmaker Tom Murray is pleased to announce the premiere of his recently completed documentary project, “Fish Can’t Fly.”

The screening will take on June 12th in New York City as part of NEWFEST, the New York City Gay and Lesbian Film festival.

In this timely piece, the filmmaker takes a look at the lives of gay men and women of faith and the manner in which they ultimately put their spirituality and sexuality in harmony after their experiences with “ex-gay” programs. The stories are sad, poignant and yet ultimately inspiring. Two people known for their expertise on “ex-gay” issues, Wayne Besen and Peterson Toscano, appear in the film. A brief synopsis follows:


83 minutes
Conversations about God, and struggling to be gay

In this timely documentary, FISH CAN’T FLY takes a secular point of view to explore the lives of gay men and women of faith as they recall their journeys to put their sexuality and spirituality in harmony. While the whole concept of changing one’s sexual orientation may be viewed with a high level of skepticism, ridicule and even humor by the larger GLBT community, these are the stories of those who have tried.

Finding that their strong religious convictions and faith seemed to be used against them, these are personal tales of people who have participated in “ex-gay” ministries and found in fact that they did not provide a “cure”; the answers seemed to come from within. The stories they recall are sad, frightening, poignant and yet surprisingly inspiring and enlightening. During our lives, each of us embarks on a journey to find our place in the world. Being gay can make that process more difficult; being gay and having strong religious convictions can make it doubly hard. This film speaks to the spirit and fortitude of gay men and women.

The film contains candid, fascinating and heartfelt discussions about God and being gay. There are even some surprisingly humorous events in hindsight. This is the second feature length documentary by filmmaker Tom Murray. His previous work, FARM FAMILY: In Search of Gay Life in Rural America, had its world premiere in 2004 at NEWFEST. FARM FAMILY has been part of the original acquisitions by LOGO-TV, set to launch later in June.

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