Today’s broadcast of Focus On The Family featured the previously recorded ex-gay testimony of Mike Haley. For that matter Dobson’s introduction was prerecorded as well since he’s supposedly in DC today helping his wife plan the National Day of Prayer. Analysis of testimonies isn’t my cup of tea and I’m currently getting ready for a trip to Chicago so I’ll let Mike or Joe tackle that one. The national mainstream media has been ignoring Soulforce today so I expected Dobson to do the same; Such was not the case in his broadcast today. Real Audio / Windows Media

“and his organization [Mel White’s Soulforce] is upset with Focus On The Family because of essentially our theological stance on homosexuality not because of anything mean or angry or insulting that we’ve ever said because I never say that, [emphasis added] I never do that, it’s contradictory to my faith and everything we stand for as Christians.”

It’s so kind of the doctor to use such a amiable tone on a day when there’s potential for negative media coverage. Let’s see what he’s said on previous occasions.

“For more than 40 years, the homosexual activist movement has sought to
implement a master plan that has had as its centerpiece the utter destruction
of the family.

“They don’t just want marriage. They want to destroy marriage and the
family as we know it.”

I also wanted to quickly mention Dobson used a new synonym for “cure” in today’s broadcast, “treatable condition.” But rest assured we at XGW continue believe Dobson when he insists he’s never said “cure.”

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