In The Exodus Impact (April 2005, not available online), a front-page article by Exodus president Alan Chambers:

  • defends his use of the Exodus presidency to support President Bush
  • recalls his testimony to state and federal “judiciaries” about his journey out of homosexuality (at the age of 17)
  • warns that Exodus’ Canadian ministries are at risk of being shut down
  • applauds the militant group Repent America, which used megaphones to shout down a Philadelphia gay entertainment festival, got arrested by choice, and faced trumped-up felony charges (since thrown out) of harassment and intimidation
  • opines that he has “labored long and hard” to ban gay marriage and civil unions nationwide.

Chambers spotlights the evangelism of two Protestant heroes, Campus Crusade for Christ founder Bill Bright and Prison Fellowship founder Chuck Colson, as justification for partisan political activity. Chambers neglects to point out, however, that Bright and another evangelical hero — Billy Graham — generally steered Campus Crusade clear of the costly, unspiritual, and morally corrupt influence of partisan secular politics and “social-political controversy.”

Chambers’ call to political action against gay people is oblivious to the time that local ministries would divert away from counseling and outreach to confused or struggling individuals. Chambers also seems oblivious to the moral corruption that has already crept into his own ministry, as he stages deals and photo-ops with GOP politicians whose morals on nonsexual matters are, in the view of both liberals and conservatives, reprehensible.

Another high-profile exgay celebrity supports Chambers’ politicization of Exodus: On page two of the newsletter, Joe Dallas steps atop the political soapbox as well.

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