This American LifeDobson was whining about the Judicial filibuster again yesterday(*) and I’ll be honest with you, it’s beginning to exhaust me. I need something to listen to as I’m CAD’ing away at a condo tower we’re doing in Vegas so I decided to listen to archived broadcasts of NPR’s This American Life.

The topic of this particular broadcast from 1996 is “Sissies.” One of the common themes running throughout is how sissies are often far braver and confident than those who are butch or struggle to appear so. Among ex-gay ministries, opinions vary on wether or not effeminate behavior is acceptable. Some hold the view an effeminate nature has nothing to do with your inner sexual feelings, while others such as my former therapist, Joe Nicolosi view it as part of the gay “false identity.”(*)

Broadcast description / Real Audio

But back to the broadcast; I found Acts II, III, and IV the most entertaining. Act II begins at +24:15. In my opinion the highlight is Act IV (+41:00), a commentary by Dan Savage describing his high-school crush on an effeminate but confidant boy at his school. Savage goes on to examine the curious paradox of gay personal ads looking for “masc” guys which turn out to be written by guys who are fearful other people might perceive them as gay. In the end it’s the effeminate guys who are confidant, courageous and embody the genuinely masculine traits.

(Mike, Act IV is for you since you hold in such high regard.)

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