According to the Seattle Times (via World Magazine Blog) There are still Christian schools here on the “left coast” that won’t allow their male wrestlers to face female opponents. Of course neither the Seattle Times nor World Magazine mention how the logic of this policy would obviously have to be applied to gay students. Instead both articles fall back on heterosexism.

This reminds me of my friend Jordan Morris who attended Pepperdine University where a formal code of student conduct forbade visiting members of the opposite-sex from staying overnight in a student dorm room. This heterosexist policy ignored the existence of gay students such as Jordan allowing him and his boyfriend freedom other students could not enjoy.

Straight students must adhere to policies based on the “highest moral common denominator**” but gays and lesbians often enjoy freedom to adhere to morals derived from their own private relationship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

For the record, Pepperdine’s student conduct handbook also states:

“the University will offer counsel and assistance to support and strengthen the individual’s resolve to live consistently with Christian teaching on sexuality” (Source)

**If there’s any theological disagreement on an issue then err by forcing everyone to adopt the stricter viewpoint. Another such example is how Hume Lake Christian Camps forbade dancing during praise music worship when I attended in high school.

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