They’ve opposed the inclusion of sexual orientation in hate crimes laws. Now they’re calling for the inclusion of former homosexuals in a Maryland hate-crimes bill that would add "sexual orientation" to an existing state hate-crimes law.

Antigay parents group illogically PFOX claims, as it has before, that heterosexuals and exgays aren’t covered by "sexual orientation." And they decline to tell the public why, exactly, their benign-but-superfluous amendment to a hate crimes bill was rejected.

PFOX goes on to misstate the reasons why its literature was declined by Montgomery County, Maryland, public schools. The literature and its rejection are detailed at

In its announcement about the Maryland hate-crimes law amendment, PFOX passes up an opportunity to tell its audience just what it finds "hateful" about tolerance, or what its opponents found "hateful" — in other words, what opponents rationally demonstrated to be false — in PFOX’s own public accusations and cultural warfare.

In conflating a hate-crimes amendment with its own concerns about hate speech, PFOX has once again failed to comprehend or respect well-established distinctions between protected speech and criminal violence.

Ultimately, PFOX’s announcement declines to provide communities with the facts they need to make informed, healthy and moral decisions.

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