“We’re convinced that if we have children, we’re going to do everything in our power to make them gay. [emphasis added] Like maybe drinking a lot of extra soy milk while she’s pregnant, or anything that would work to make that happen. I’d just rather have a really sharp, interesting, smart gay son than some big dumb hetero meathead.”

That quote from electronic music artist Moby in a recent (but undated) interview on appears to have caught the attention of that paragon of journalistic excellence, WorldNetDaily (view article).

I’m not going to try and defend Moby other than to say his statement was obviously partially in jest but also meant to express his honest feelings on stereotypical masculinity.

For the record, WorldNetDaily once reported that “40 percent of drivers [are] illuminating their headlights in daylight hours” in tribute to recently deceased Ronald Reagan, ignoring the fact most(*) new cars, mine included, have automatic daytime running lamps while other people simply make a good safety habit of driving with their lights on. This puts their journalistic ethos in the approximate range of talking parrots and the Weekly World News.

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