Ex-Gay Watch has been located at exgaywatch.com for two years, but some web sites still link to an old address, exgay.blogs.com.

That old address eventually will stop working.

At the new location (where you are right now), we have replaced the old website software with new software.

Comments are working — and registration is now required in order to comment. The registration, through an independent service called TypeKey, requires that commenters be authentic individuals.

If you wish to comment, but also wish to remain anonymous, please rest assured that TypeKey registration will protect your anonymity. TypeKey will not disclose your identity to XGW or anyone else unless you choose for it to do so.

My hope is that thoughtful and informative discussion will continue to grow while disruptive behavior, which has never been a serious problem at Ex-Gay Watch, will diminish further.

If you have commented at Ex-Gay Watch before, I hope you will take a moment to register. If you have not commented before, now is a good time to register — and let us know what would encourage you to comment more often.

Please feel free to submit suggestions for new site features or changes. E-mail us at editor@exgaywatch.com if you wish to contact us privately or are unable to register.

Thanks as always for your interest and support.

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