After finding myself sending Mike numerous emails to the effect of “please post this” (including the one below) I’ve decided to join the team here at XGW. I’m Daniel Gonzales, a single 24 year old apprentice architect in Long Beach, California.

I grew up in the youth group at my American Baptist church where we were told “gay sex” was sin but when honestly inquisitive kids asked, “how can to men who don’t have vaginas have sex?” it went unanswered by the adult leadership. Our church bulletin regularly contained propaganda instructing us to boycott Disney for giving benefits to it’s gay employees.

The book on puberty my parents bought me was “Caution, Changes Ahead” written by James Dobson. His influence over my life ended when my mom set aside the book and chose to share the values of OUR family.

My freshman year of college I finally came out to myself and willingly sought “treatment” with Dr. Joe Nicolosi for approximately a year. After a school year of self-reflection studying abroad I was ready to finally come out of the closet and reject conversion therapy.

Unfortunately since my mother set his book aside, Dobson’s eye has turned critically onto gay Americans and his once altruistic creation has waged a campaign to remove any traces of gay people from the public eye and a disingenuous campaign to turn some straight.* I am one of the millions of Americans, gay and straight who do not wish for Dobson’s ideology to be imposed on the laws of a pluralistic nation. As for my own personal beliefs, I do not acknowledge the existence of any god, creator, or spirits. My interests include: The AgapePress, World Net Daily, World Magazine, and FOTF radio broadcasts.

For more of my personal story of why I left ex-gay / reparative therapy view this blog entry.

I’ve also got a profile on myspace.

Note: I am more than happy to give media interviews. However, I am less inclined to respond to emails from private individuals making vague and poorly thought out inquiries seeking purely to indulge their curiosity such as, “That’s so crazy you were a patient of Nicolosi. What was that like?”

My wish list.

*Wayne Besen argues in “Anything But Straight” that the religious right’s support of conversion ministries is disingenuous.

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