Alas, A Blog comments today on — another one of those antigay web sites that names none of its authors, but lobbies for discrimination against people who happen to have real names and real families.

As blogger Ampersand (Barry) notes, the web site’s home page now says:

We want to be perfectly clear. We do not hate those who live the
homosexual lifestyle. Those who would label the defenders of
traditional marriage as homophobes or with any other mean spirited word
should know that we love and pray for all men.

This passage’s claims may be seen by some as unimaginative or counterproductive, but not inherently hateful.

However, just a few sentences later, DMM resorts to some harsh words:

No longer will we be suppressed or intimidated by the enemies of decency and godliness.

And, as the Alas blog points out, Google’s cache indicates that until recently DMM reprinted these excerpts of a speech by Maryland state lawmaker Don Dwyer:

We believe it is necessary that church leaders across
Maryland be exposed to the vile and militaristic agenda of extreme
homosexual activists. Moral leaders must become aware of their intent
to sodomize our children. For this reason, we continue to schedule
Pastor, Elder, Deacon and Church Leader meetings wherein we show
firsthand the words and plans of these activists.

We are
committed to unifying the universal church (God’s Church) into action
and we urge that every church exposes the ugly realities of the
homosexual movement to its members. Their intent is to indoctrinate our
children with the homosexual lifestyle. This is currently happening in
many public and private schools across our state. We will remain silent
no longer!

As of this moment, Google searches turn up traces of the text, but the cached pages have been cleansed. And is not archived at — perhaps because the site was only launched a couple months ago. However, Google continues to list a handful of web sites that reported the site’s language before the apparent cleanup.

Since endorsed Dwyer’s language, one might expect the site to defend its position — or perhaps to apologize, if it in fact regretted posting defamatory statements. But when Ampersand/Barry contacted regarding the language and its disappearance, DMM’s response was curt: "The goal of this organization is not to satisfy your need to know."

Perhaps these were just the words of a disgruntled soul in need of God’s grace and hospitality.

Then again, maybe not:

According to a WHOIS search, the site owner is Pastor Rick Bowers of Columbia, Md.

According to an article in the Jan. 30 edition of The Baltimore Sun (free subscription required), Bowers is co-pastor with his wife Sheryle of Living Stone House of
. Bowers also is the leader of a group of evangelical pastors that created the
Defend Maryland Marriage political action committee. The Bowerses’ bio does not detail their educational background, except to say they
were ordained by an unaccredited outfit in Plano, Texas.

Pastor Rick uses the resources page of not to foster healthy heterosexual marriages, but rather to promote exgay outfit Harvest USA, Take Back Maryland, an anti-ACLU web site, and pro-exgay propagandist Scott Lively — whose PDF-formatted autobiography equates same-gender attraction with Nazism and, for good measure, opposes U.S. treaties with foreign powers.

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