Former NFL player Roy Simmons came out as gay in 1992. (Google search.)

After disappearing from the public eye for a decade, he now tells The 700 Club that he lived out a prolonged nightmare of childhood molestation, drugs, prostitution, and sex with men and women — and he blames homosexuality as much as, or instead of, his own behavioral choices.

Sometime after discovering he was HIV-positive, Simmons was born-again spiritually. The 700 Club wishes for its audience to believe Simmons is a former homosexual:

Roy has learned much from his pastor about his former lifestyle.

"We spoke on and learned about homosexuality and the connotations and everything that go along with it. It’s really against God’s will," Roy states.

Simmons has not had sex in three years — perhaps a wise decision, given his stated difficulty in moderating his behavior. But Simmons agrees with a pastor who has encouraged him to blame his sins — drug abuse? prostitution? nonmarital sex? — on "homosexuality."

The 700 Club article argues that does not ask one very obvious question, nor does Simmons volunteer an answer:

1. To which gender is Simmons now attracted?

If he is indeed happy and secure in his faith, and celibacy is nothing to be ashamed of. So it should not be difficult for Simmons to answer this simple question.

But I do not expect to see Simmons’ answer promoted on The 700 Club.

(Hat tip: Aaron)

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