Exgay pundit and PFOX ally Prof. Warren Throckmorton launched Identity Radio on Jan. 24.

By "identity," Prof. Throckmorton means the exgay political "identity" that defines what one supposedly is not, rather than constructively describing one aspect of what a person is.

From his Jan. 23 note to supporters:

Here are the programming highlights [for Jan. 24]:

9 – 10am – Interview with Dr. Robert Spitzer concerning sexual orientation research
10 – 11am – Two talks by Jeniece Learned, Director of Pregnancy Services of Western PA with a pro-life theme.
11am – 1pm – Music programming
1 – 2pm – Repeat of Interview with Dr. Spitzer
2 – 3pm – Repeat of talks by Jeniece Learned
4 – 5pm – Interview with Randy Thomas of Exodus International
5 – 7pm Music programming
7 – 8 pm Talks by Jeniece Learned
8 – 9pm Repeat of Interview with Dr. Spitzer
9 – 11pm – Repeat of Interview with Randy Thomas and information from Warren Throckmorton
11- 12:30 am – Soft Landing – Nightly music show featuring soft music to give the day a soft landing.

Tune in every day this week! Interviews with David Blakeslee, Chad Thompson, Melissa Fryrear will be on the schedule. Information from Joseph Nicolosi, DL Foster, Joe Dallas, Stephen Bennett, Brenda High and many others is slated for inclusion in the broadcast schedule. Check the website often for new programming.

The site does not load very well in Mozilla; among other oddities, it attempts to load a JavaScript from an invalid IP address belonging to the web designer’s local hard drive. Oh, joy.

Hosted by live365.com, the radio station has a daily schedule that, as with the Jan. 24 sample, is dominated by exgay NEA activist Jeralee Smith; interviews with exgay Focus on the Family operative Melissa Fryrear, Dr. Robert Spitzer, Exodus official Randy Thomas and exgay activist Chad Thompson; and exgay/American Family Association activist Stephen Bennett’s interviews with unnamed leaders of religious-right organizations.

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