I’m grateful to folks like Dan Gonzales and averyfineline, who send me factoids and tips via e-mail — or who post them directly to the site. I regret that I frequently lack time to follow through with these worthwhile suggestions.

I’m also thankful that some antigay folks (Trevize, Prof. Throckmorton) are willing to communicate periodically at this site.

At the same time, I’m feeling frustrated by anonymous hit-and-run commenters, who mindlessly parrot talk-radio and religious-right bigotry having little or no foundation in the gospels. Before they can be held accountable for their accusations — poof, they’re gone.

I also remain concerned that the quality of information and writing on the site becomes unsustainable when only one person is doing most of the work.

Regular readers of XGW (and I appreciate all your interest, by the way) no doubt have observed that posts here are far less frequent than they could or should be. I have a number of demands on my time:

  • big career issues
  • relationship-building
  • a redesign at IGF
  • concern for exgays who aren’t political, who are being wounded by the culture warriors

With my own limited time and a concern for disruptive comments in mind, I’m inclined to implement TypeKey-style comment registration at XGW. The purpose: to ensure that commenters are real people, and not likely to do a fly-by.

I welcome feedback about that.

And, as always, I welcome a diverse range of volunteer authors to make this site more active and dynamic. Ideal authors are those who, regardless of gay, exgay, or heterosexual "identity," might be interested in periodically writing a thoughtful, critical review of the factual ups and downs of various exgay activists, pundits and counseling groups.

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