This is an "open draft" — meaning that I welcome input in creating the list of reasons why exgays should support civil unions. I’ll be out of town on vacation for a week, which means I might have time to help work on this — or I may be unable to access the Internet, in which case the content of this post is entirely up to you.

Reason 1: Gay life partners are united in love and commitment, not lust. (Substantiate.)

Reason 2: Civil unions are not marriage. (Explain.)

Reason 3: Same-sex retirement benefits lag (Boston Globe, Dec. 29, 2004)

Reason 4: Hospitals, landlords, police, public agencies, and antigay family members often disregard powers of attorney and other costly legal substitutes.

Reason 5: Civil unions ease the government’s job of taxation while resolving inequities suffered by gay taxpayers. (Explain.)

Reason 6: Civil unions reward monogamy, decreasing health risks and removing opportunities for exgays to be tempted by the availability of single gay men. (Self-evident?)

Reason 7: Civil unions reduce opportunities for societal discrimination, which may otherwise be used by some activists to justify pre-emptive or retaliatory discrimination against exgays.

Reason 8: (Add your own reasons, along with substantiation — including links whenever possible.)

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