Dan Gonzales wrote last week:

The Dec. 2 broadcast of Focus On The Family Radio features the testimony of an ex-lesbian at a Love Won Out conference. The ex-lesbian oddly enough, admits to working for a legislative division of FOTF, which clearly goes against Dobson’s claims Love Won Out is just trying to spread love/healing to gays and does not have political motives. (Kind of like how Exodus newsletters are entirely political in nature and not actually written for exgays to read.)

The most damning and contradictory evidence is when the ex-lesbian claims homosexuality is a combination of genetics and life-experience. She makes this very clear. This contradicts Dobson’s claims that homosexuality is not genetic.

Once again, as Wayne Besen points out in his book, exgay organizations can’t even put out a consistent standpoint on the causes of homosexuality.

Here’s a link to the broadcast (scroll down to Dec. 2).

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